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General Questions

All our short courses are presented online. You can complete course assignments (within the specified timeframes) in any environment that you choose to study in. Unless otherwise stated on the relevant course page and/or course prospectus, you just need a stable internet connection and enough time to complete your course.

Our online trainings can be accessed from several different devices and platforms, including a desktop, laptop, and smartphones. After you enroll in an online training, you can access it by clicking on the course link you will receive in your confirmation email. You can also begin the course by logging in and navigating to your dashboard.

The foundation of each online course are its lectures, which can include videos, slides, and text. In addition, there are added resources and various types of practice activities, as a way to enhance your learning experience.

The MAET Online Campus will be your virtual classroom for the duration of your course. Through its easy-to-use interface you'll have access to a diverse variety of course content formats, including: interactive video lectures, module notes, practice quizzes, presentations, assignment briefs, and/or additional web resources.

Modules are released on a weekly basis, giving you the opportunity to study at your own pace and in your own time.

We don't currently offer an app (yet), however our learning platform is actually fully mobile responsive so you will be able to take your courses on the go from any phone, tablet, or computer!

MAET Consulting is using the Thinkific LMS platform to provide its courses to customers. Thinkific's platform is built on a strong foundation of security and privacy that keeps the platform secure while helping course providers meet security, privacy, and compliance standards.

Thinkific tests all code for security vulnerabilities before release and regularly scans its network and systems for vulnerabilities. Thinkific engages a third-party service to conduct application and infrastructure penetration tests on a quarterly basis.

For more information on Thinkific's security, check out this Security Overview article.

MAET offers skills-based online trainings, based on our team’s experience and expertise. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate.

MAET’s learning model is designed to help you, as a working professional, improve your skills without compromising on work and family responsibilities. The course work is broken up into weekly, manageable bite-sized modules, with incremental deadlines, designed to help you pace yourself over the duration of the course and allow you the legroom to work when it suits you best.

At the beginning of each module, you'll be presented with the course content and assignments necessary for completion. You also have access to our Support Team who will help you manage your time, and help you with any administrative or technical queries you might have.

By improving your skills and industry knowledge, you'll have an influence on the success of your organization. Why wouldn't you ask your boss to help you fund your studies if it's going to have an impact on the way you do business? Very often, such course subscription and related fees are part of the Employee Training or Human Resources budgets.

MAET Consulting uses the Thinkific LMS Platform, which needs to comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR specifies the number of requirements companies must meet around protecting personal data.

Thinkific is fully compliant with GDPR across Thinkific LMS services. Customers can review their Data Processing Agreement.



We offer an interest free instalment plan. You can either pay your course fees in full before the course starts or elect to make use of our part payment option which allows you to settle your fees in 3 monthly payments, without additional cost.

You can pay online via our secure payment gateway which supports both Visa and Mastercard backed transactions. Should you want to make payment via electronic transfer, banking details can be provided on request.

As part of our commitment to your professional development, MAET offers you a one-week period to change your course start date, or cancel and request a full refund if you’re not fully satisfied. Cancellations and start date deferrals must be requested before the week#2 module release of your course.

Please ensure that all information entered when making payment is complete and accurate. If you are unsure of something within the payment process, please contact us with your query. If you have accurately populated the required information and the error message persists, we suggest you contact your bank to authorize the payment.

This is an online-based course and, therefore, no course material will be sent to your postal or physical address. You can access your course material through the MAET Online Campus at all times.

The turnaround time for refunds is fourteen (14) working days once confirmation of banking details and all necessary documentation is received.



The MAET Online Campus is the virtual classroom for your employees during their course. Through its easy-to-use interface, they will have access to a diverse variety of course content formats, including: interactive video lectures, module notes, practice quizzes, presentations, assignment briefs, and/or additional web resources.

On the MAET Online Campus, they will have the ability to ask questions and interact with fellow students and the Course Support Team through the discussion forums.

MAET's learning model is designed to help working professionals improve their skills without compromising their work. The course work is broken up into manageable weekly modules, with incremental deadlines, which will enable your team to pace themselves without requiring time out of the office.

Upon the release of each weekly module, your employees will be presented with all the course materials, notes and assignments necessary for completion.

Employees who successfully complete their online course will receive an electronic certificate. This is a confirmation of course completion. It indicates the skills, knowledge and competencies they gained for on-the-job application in their industry.

We have a few payment options available for companies that enable flexibility to meet your budgeting needs. If you want to find out more about any of our payment options or you want to know which you qualify for, please contact us.

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